The beginning

« Toutes les histoires commencent pareil… » 

How is born Romeo and Juliet ?

Me, who as a child never missed the Minelli or Fred Astaire cycles at the Ciné Club, who had one of his first shocks at the cinema watching West Side Story, who listened to Starmania on repeat, who had been starting musicals for years without ever finishing them for lack of interest, how after the deserved and phenomenal success of Notre Dame de Paris could I pass up the chance?

1998: But what subject? Original ? Too early. Wretched ? Already taken. Romeo & Juliet. Of course, the greatest love story of all time, the genius of Shakespeare, and the possibility of being a teenager, a priest, a prince.

1999: Thanks to Gérard Louvin, Daniel Moyne, Pascal Nègre from Universal and TF1, the project is set up.

2000: Thanks to the choreographer director Redha, who knows how to highlight fair and committed artists, the show comes to life.

2001: Finally, thanks to the public who love our work, success is there and continues its journey around the world for 10 years.

How not to talk about Evelyne Presgurvic, at the origin of this adaptation of Romeo & Juliet as a musical, and who has supervised for 15 years the choices and transformations from which this return benefits today.

First the spark, then the light of this spectacle.
Thank you all.

Created on January 19, 2001 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, performed in France, Switzerland and Belgium,
2 million of  spectactors,
6 million CDs and DVDs sold.

Best selling album in 2000
Gold, platinum, diamond disc
“Kings of the World” #1 for 32 weeks
Awarded at the NRJ music awards in 2001