January 2021


years on stage

“Dear friends,

20 years, 20 years that Romeo & Juliet have loved each other, from Paris to Vienna, from Tokyo to Rome, from Moscow to London, from Verona to Seoul, from Taipei to Montreal, from Tel Aviv to Budapest… They love each other and… This is what makes Shakespeare’s genius and the pleasure I had in putting his work to music.

Basically, the real question of Romeo & Juliet, the one that questions all of us is: “Would I be willing to die for love?” “. The answer belongs to everyone and everyone has their answer.

Coming back to play in front of you with the legendary singers who created the roles in Paris in 2001, and to welcome some new ones, what a pleasure for me and I hope, no I’m sure, for you too.

The chance that we have is that they have remained beautiful and have kept the innocence of their 20 years. It’s so rare, let’s take advantage of it.

We are really very happy to share these moments with you.
Thank you for being here.”

Romeo and Juliet celebrates 20 years

The 20th anniversary tour


20 years. Already… And for this particular anniversary we wanted to make a gift to the public, that of the original duo for an exceptional tour, a Proust madeleine…

We will therefore have the chance to fly to Taiwan to present “Romeo Juliet” to you with those who started the adventure 20 years ago but also with those who have continued and enriched it. A team that reflects all these years of adventures, encounters, talents and happiness. So we give you an appointment on February 7 in Taiwan. See you soon.

Find this exceptional cast from February 11, 2023 in Taiwan: 11 and 12 in Taichung, from February 16 to 19 in Taipei and from February 24 to 28 in Kaohsiung

The artistic and technical teams

Texts, music: Gérard PRESGURVIC
Production Manager: Philippe GRAFFET
Technical Director: Aurélien QUIEVREUX
Production assistant: Fany DIAS

Dressers: Catherine LOURIOUX, & Stéphane SOMMIER
Hairstylists: Michael LE CLERRE & Claire-Marie LASSERE
Make-up design: Jean-Michel DACQUIN
Assisted by Thomas QUIGNON
Chief Machinist: Christophe HUND
Machinists: Aurélien RUGERY, David DESBOVES, Eric ADOLPHINE, Marco Biardeau, Benjamin JEAN, François LOUA, Thibault VALLEE,

Front sound engineer: Vincent LUSTAUD
Return Sound Engineer: Martial ALLIX
Front-of-house sound assistants: Paul MONTESINO & Théophile THOMASSINHF monitor sound assistant: Grégory MALOCHE

Controller: Frédéric CASORIA
Lights and chasers technicians: Christophe MATHIS, David BERGUE
Blocker light: Dan SLUSARSKI

Photo credits: Arina Ovchinnikova, Alexei Molchanovsky, Yanbing Chen, Jean-michel Grard, Stefan Mucchielli