Asian Tour 2023 (China)

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, after setting up its arenas in Taiwan, the show will stage for 90 exceptional shows in China:

May 28 in Kunshan,
from June 2 to 11 in Shanghai,
June 16-18 in Pingshan,
June 22-24 in Xiamen,
from June 29 to July 2 in Shenzhen,
from July 7 to 16 in Beijing,
from July 21 to 23 in Nanjing,
July 28-30 in Shaanxi,
from August 4 to 6 in Qingdao,
from August 11 to 13 in Hangzhou,
from August 18 to 20 in Changsha,
from August 24 to 27 in Wuhan,
from September 1 to 3 in Chengdu,
September 8-10 in Suzhou
and from September 15 to 17 in Wuxi

The artistic and technical teams  :

Texts, music: Gérard PRESGURVIC
Production Manager: Philippe GRAFFET
Technical Director: Aurélien QUIEVREUX
Production assistant: Fany DIAS
Choreographer: Carl Portal
Assistant choreographer: Alexandre Galopin

Costume: Laurent Dejardin
Dressers: Catherine LOURIOUX, & Stéphane SOMMIER
Hairstylists: Laurent Falcon & Li Peng
Make-up design: Bruno Segni
Assisted by Perle Cabre
Head machinist: Gérard Lopes
Machinists: Aurélien RUGERY, David DESBOVES, Eric ADOLPHINE, Marco Biardeau, Thibault VALLEE, Clément Martens, Nicolas Camus, Christophe Chevance

Front sound engineer: Vincent LUSTAUD, Paul MONTESINO
Return Sound Engineer: Martial ALLIX
Sound assistants: Titouan Brule, Sébastien Viguie,
HF monitor assistant: Grégory MALOCHE, Elsa Deftari, Pauline Mary

Controller: Frédéric CASORIA
Lights and chasers technicians: Christophe MATHIS, David BERGUE
Blocker light: Dan SLUSARSKI, Remi WOLTZ

Photo credits: Arina Ovchinnikova, Alexei Molchanovsky, Yanbing Chen, Jean-michel Grard, Stefan Mucchielli, Binna Yoon