“Romeo and Juliet”, a fatal drama is preparing for these teenage lovers, born under the worst of stars, and nothing, if not their death, will appease the inexplicable hatred that their noble families have for each other. Fate will play cruelly with their love and they will go to death. They embody the whole tragedy of youth revolted in the name of love against the conformism and stupidity of the adult world.

Emblematic story, with all the ingredients of romance, thwarted love, secret marriage, magic filter, false death, chance, fatal misunderstandings…

The lovers of Verona have acquired the status of immortality, thanks to the words of Shakespeare certainly, but above all thanks to the stubborn force of their love, beyond death.

Hatred will always find a thousand arguments to feed itself. But when it comes to destroying the most beautiful flowers of youth, the reasons for hating become absurd.

Obviously, this message has lost none of its relevance. In any case, this is what Gérard Presgurvic thought when he decided, in turn, to tackle this myth.

Discover the evolution of the characters of the musical through their costumes and their performers